Andrew Briggs Professor of Nanomaterials is director of the QuEEN programme, giving technical leadership on materials and techniques for quantum control. He developed quantum control for spins in molecules and has used these spins for experimental tests of quantum foundations.


Harry Anderson Professor of Chemistry, contributes expertise on the synthesis of electronically delocalised π-systems, and non- covalent interactions at molecule/electrode interfaces. He has developed short porphyrin-based oligomers and light-harvesting nano rings the size of proteins.


Colin Lambert Research Professor, QinetiQ Fellow and Founding Director of the Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre, contributes ‘whole systems’ theoretical studies of molecular electronic devices. He co-created the internationally recognised SMEAGOL and GOLLUM codes.


Lapo Bogani  Royal Society URF, provides expertise on spintronics and molecular magnetic systems. He has been instrumental in the development of molecular spintronics, and is best known for his contributions to the design and understanding of molecular magnetic materials.


Jan Mol RAEng Research Fellow, contributes expertise on measurement of quantum transport in atomic- and molecular-scale systems. He leads on device fabrication and measurement, and assists Andrew Briggs with operational management of the QuEEN programme.

Advisory board:

Hermann Hauser KBE, FRS, FREng – Amadeus Capital

Jeremy Burroughes FREng, FRS – Chief Technical Officer, Cambridge Display Technology

Tim Cook – Co-director Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub

Heike Riel – Head of Materials Integration and Nanoscale Electronics, IBM Research, Zurich

Tim Spiller – Professor of Quantum Information Technologies, University of York

Daniel Esteve – Research Director, CEA Saclay

Klaus Müllen – Director, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz

Vishal Chatrath – Co-Founder and CEO,